Top 10 Native Plants in Iowa

Blue False Indigo:grows well in sandy or clay soil and requires medium moisture for survival. In addition, partial to full sun is the ideal weather condition for the Blue false indigo. 

Columbine: is one of the famous native plants in Iowa for a garden. Known for its perennial qualities, it can get as tall as 12 feet. 

Prairie Lily:The Prairie lily is one of a deer’s favorite foods. Consequently, the increased deer population in America threatens the plant’s existence.

Sweet Flag:The low-maintenance plant consists of basal leaves that have a lovely fragrance, just like its name suggests. Also known as muskrat root, it previously worked as traditional medicine.

Monkey Flower :The monkey flower is a shrubby plant that thrives well in zones three to eight, and its height ranges between two and three feet. 

Blue Flag Iris:The plant grows up to three feet tall and has long, sword-like leaves attached to the rhizomes beneath. They bloom from May to June and produce flowers as wide as four inches. 

Yarrow:also goes by the name “the old man’s pepper.” It is an upright plant that grows up to three feet tall. The plant is ideal for ground cover or a new garden because it proliferates. 

Purple Coneflower :The purple coneflower blooms from April to September, making it an ideal option for local plants that can color the garden for the better part of the year. 

Wild Ginger:r is another Iowa native plant that can make an impeccable ground cover. This is because its length can only go as high as eight inches and are members of the colony-forming perennial.

 Butterfly Milkweed : under the bushy perennial plants, and its height may range between one to three feet. It is also characterized by huge flowers that appear in a cluster design.