Top 10 Native Plants in Texas

Mealy Blue Sage: is a beautiful plant that can add a lot of color and life to any space. Known for its long-lasting lavender-blue flowers borne on long spikes that bloom from early summer to early.

 Fall Aster : is a beautiful plant that can add some color to your garden in the fall months. Another easy-to-care-for plant that doesn’t require much maintenance.

Flame Acanthus: is a beautiful plant that can add color and life to any home or garden. It is native to the regions of Texas and northern Mexico and is a member of the genus Acanthus.

Esperanza:, is a beautiful plant that can bring much life into any home or garden. They are easy to care for and can tolerate a wide range of conditions, making them perfect for indoor .

The White Hair Agave:This plant is native to Mexico and Texas and is characterized by its beautiful white hair-like leaves. It is a trendy plant that is often used in landscaping and gardens.

Frog Fruit :The frog fruit is a fantastic plant that grows well in tropical regions. The plant blooms tiny white and purple flowers blooming from spring to fall.

American Beautyberry:is a shrub native to the south-eastern United States and grows well in sub-tropical and tropical climates. It can impressively grow up to six feet tall .

Inland Sea Oats:The drooping seed heads of the inland sea oats are a beautiful sight in the fall as they transition from green to golden brown. Not only are they pretty to look at.

Gregg’s Mistflower :is another beautiful native plant in Texas. It has long, slender leaves and fluffy lavender-colored flowers that can bloom from March through November.

Possumhaw Holly:is a native plant to North America and grows well in a humid environment. This plant is straightforward to care for – it doesn’t require much water or attention.

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