Top 10 Non-Traditional Pets

Common swift is a medium-sized bird with curved wings and a forked tail. It spends the spring and summer in its natural breeding territories of Europe and Asia.

If you’re in the market for a non-traditional pet but don’t have tons of room, look no further than the leopard gecko. Their name derives from the species’ leopard-like spots.

Originally from the Chilean highlands, chinchillas are incredibly soft rodents, and increasingly, people are taking them in as non-traditional pets.

Hedgehogs are super pets for introverts. The non-social bundles of fur have a simple diet and require an enclosure similar to a guinea pig’s pen. 

Big ears are typically seen as less than attractive, but on Fennec foxes, they’re up there on the cuteness chart with Baby Yoda — excuse us, Grogu.

Emperor scorpions are fairly easy to care for. They can be housed in a 10 gallon glass aquarium tank, and would need 3-6 inches of bedding such as peat, soil, or vermiculite to allow for burrowing. 

Yes, some people keep skunks as pets. They may stink to high heaven, but the little rascals are pretty cute. Plus, they’re very affectionate when bonded to people.

Capybaras are the kindest animals of which you’ve ever heard. The highly social and oversized rodents regularly top friendliest animal lists. 

For those who can afford them, llamas are the new designer pet. The South American cousin to the camel, llamas are one of the few animals that people can safely hug.

Sugar gliders are “flying” marsupials about the size of gerbils. The curious animals need lots of toys and large enclosures to live their best lives. 

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