Top 10 Of The Best Things To Do In Cape Verde

Go horseback riding at Santa Maria beach: Santa Maria is the biggest and most popular beach in Sal.

Jump on a dune buggy in Boa Vista: Boa Vista is one of the more popular islands that attract visitors to Cape Verde.

Explore Santo Antão Island: Being the second largest island, you’ll find that Santo Antão has a good mix.

Wander the coast of Baia Das Gatas: The coastline of Sao Vicente is so gorgeous to explore and a place that’s totally.

chillout on Praia de Verandinha: Praia de Verandinha is one of those beaches that’ll make you feel like.

Swim in the Pedra Lume Crater: Pedra Lume Crater (in Sal) is a huge volcanic crater that’s now filled with salty.

Hike Pico De Fogo: If you’re looking for something adventurous, head over to Fogo island.

See the turtles on Boa Vista: Boa Vista is one of the world’s most important breeding grounds for sea.

Learn to surf at Kite Beach: Kite Beach is the perfect place on Sal Island to kick-start your skills in kitesurfing and regular surfing lessons.

Explore Santa Maria (Sal): Santa Maria is a relatively large town on the island of Sal.

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