Top 10 Oldest Wines in the World

Chateau Margaux from 1787 CE:The wine bottle was insured at 225,000 dollars so it wasn’t a total loss. He had been asking 519,750 dollars for it originally and he had paid 212,000 dollars to buy it. 

Kloster Eberbach Wine from 1706 CE:The oldest German red wine is a Kloster Eberbach wine from 1706 CE. This winery has been around since 1136 CE and this red is the oldest wine left in their cellar. 

Rüdesheimer Apostelwein Wine from 1727 CE:Bottles of this wine cost roughly 200,000 dollars and it’s reported that it still tastes great because of its high sugar content. In the 1960s, it was transferred from its old barrel into bottles.

Penfolds Kalimna Block 42 Since 1888 CE:The vines have been alive and providing good grapes since 1888. This wine sells for approximately 700 dollars a bottle from a variety of retailers.

Turkey Flat Shiraz Since 1847 CE:The oldest commercially produced wine that’s still being created is Turkey Flat’s shiraz. Turkey Flat, in the Barossa Valley in Australia, has been making wine since 1847 CE. 

The Speyer Wine Bottle from 350 CE:The Speyer Wine Bottle is the oldest unopened bottle of wine in the world. It was most likely created around 350 CE and it was found in the tomb of a noble couple.

Commandaria Is 5,000 Years Old:Commandaria has probably been produced in Limassol, Cypress for 5,000 years. Knights involved with the crusades in the 1200s named the wine after their newly acquired protectorate.

Žametovka Grapevine in Maribor is 350 Years Old:In Northeastern Slovenia in the city of Maribor, the oldest fruit-bearing grapevine is still fueling winemaking efforts. 

Vin Jaune d’Arbois from 1774 CE:The oldest bottles of French wine ever available to the public were three Vin Jaune bottles dating to 1774 CE that were auctioned off in 2018 in France.

Strasbourg Hospital Wine from 1472 CE:The oldest casked wine is a Strasbourg wine from the Grand Est region in France. On January 21, 2015, the Historic Cellars of the Hospices de Strasbourg transferred a 1472 wine into a new cask for safekeeping. 

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