Top 10 People Popular Overnight in India

Kusum Shrestha: Kusum Shrestha Nepal’s vegetable seller girl got popularity overnight on social media.

Kamlesh: On social media, the name Kamlesh went viral when people saw his interview video.

Saima Hussain Mir: Saima Hussain Mir a normal girl of Sri Nagar, got popularity on social media after the selfie of King Shah Rukh Khan.

Sanjeev Srivastav: Sanjeev Srivastav is the real social media superstar in India.

Priya Prakash Varrier: Can you imagine just a 30-second wink and smile video can make anyone popular overnight? No! Right?? But the truth is the 30-second video of Priya Prakash

Somvati Mahawar: If you will search the People who got high popularity from Social Media in India 2018, Somvati Mahawar is the new face got popularity for her Chai Peelo dialogue.

Shahid Alvi: Shahid Alvi is another viral name among those people who became popular overnight from Social Media in India.

Om Prakash (Rap King): Om Prakash is also known as the Rap king is well known for his meaningless sexism songs.

Dhinchak Pooja: Dhinchak Pooja is the most popular Indian female name who got popularity on social media overnight.

Sapna Vyas Patel: Sapna Vyas Patel is one of those people who got high popularity from social media in India.

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