Top 10 Performance-enhancing Drugs That Aren't Steroids

Erythropoietin (EPO: This model shows the hormone EPO, which athletes use to amp up red blood cell production and deliver oxygen to their muscles.

Human Growth Hormone (hGH: Nigeria's Blessing Okagbare won her 100-meter heat race during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games July 30, 2021. But she was later.

Bromantane: Russian runner Marina Trandenkova (3717) qualified for the finals in the 100-meter race at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

Ephedrine: Baltimore Orioles pitching prospect Steve Bechler, who died Feb. 17, 2003, of complications from heatstroke.

Diuretics: The water pill chlorthalidone is a diuretic that, if taken, makes athletes go to the bathroom more, hence they can lose weight.

Albuterol: Famed British marathon runner Paula Radcliffe (pictured here during the 2008 Olympics) has exercise-induced asthma.

Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB: You might know of GHB as the date-rape drug, but it's been a drug of choice among body builders since the '80s.

Beta Blockers: North Korea's Kim Jong-Su (right) won silver in the 2008 Olympics 50m and bronze in the 10m pistol shooting, but was later.

Tamoxifen: Boston Red Sox player Marlon Byrd received a 50-game suspension from Major League Baseball in 2012 for taking the banned substance tamoxifen.

Creatine: Weightlifters, like Great Britain's Emily Campbell, may opt to pop the over-the-counter supplement creatine.

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