Top 10 Plants That Keep Wasps Away

BASIL: is not a favorite of wasps. Basil will actually help keep wasps away. Plant it near your kitchen door for easy herb picking when you need a quick pesto or pasta sauce.

GERANIUMS: in particular, are disliked by wasps; apparently, they aren’t fans of beautiful red flowers with very little pollen. Geraniums also have a scent that wasps dislike.

CITRONELLA: needs six hours of sun per day and prefers cool morning sun. It also likes to be pretty moist, so water it when only the top one inch of soil has dried.

CUCUMBER: dislike the bitter skin of cucumber plants. You can plant cucumbers up a trellis near seating areas to keep wasps away or place cucumber peels around your garden to deter bees and wasps. 

MARIGOLD: are good at keeping many pests away, including wasps. Bees do like marigolds, but wasps do not. These easy-to-grow and inexpensive flowers come in various colors and heights.

PENNYROYAL: is a creeping ground cover plant with a strong minty aroma. Since it only grows about 6 inches tall, it is a great choice to flow over the side of a window basket.

EUCALYPTUS: This plant needs a great deal of sunlight, so it is best suited to southern climates. Eucalyptus can be successfully grown in a sun porch or greenhouse and placed outside.

WORMWOOD: contains a compound called absinthe, which has a highly aromatic scent hated by wasps. Absinthe isn’t very friendly to other plants and can kill them, so wormwood is best planted alone.

MINT:Most humans love the smell of mint, but most wasps hate it. Remember that mint is a fast-growing plant and will overtake your entire garden if not kept within bounds.

PITCHER PLANT: Pitcher plants are not the easiest to grow, but if you live in a tropical climate with plenty of direct sun and rainfall, they can help keep wasps away. 

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