Top 10 Pop Songs Beginning with the Letter N

Now or Never" by Halsey (2017: Now or Never" is a bold and atmospheric pop track by Halsey, featuring her distinctive vocals and a mix of electronic.

Numb" by Linkin Park (2014: Although released in 2014, "Numb" gained popularity in the following years, showcasing Linkin Park's signature blend of alternative rock.

No Tears Left to Cry" by Ariana Grande (2018: Although released in 2018, "No Tears Left to Cry" gained popularity in the following years, featuring Ariana Grande's soaring vocals.

New Rules" by Dua Lipa (2017: New Rules" is an empowering pop anthem with a catchy chorus and infectious beats, showcasing Dua Lipa's strong vocals.

No Promises" by Cheat Codes ft. Demi Lovato (2017: No Promises" is a catchy pop track with electronic dance influences, featuring Demi Lovato's powerful vocals.

Nobody Love" by Tori Kelly (2015: Nobody Love" is a vibrant and catchy pop track by Tori Kelly, showcasing her impressive vocal range.

Night Changes" by One Direction (2014: Although released in 2014, "Night Changes" gained popularity in the following years, showcasing One Direction's harmonies.

Needed Me" by Rihanna (2016: Needed Me" is a sultry and assertive pop song by Rihanna, combining her seductive vocals with a trap-infused beat, creating a confident.

Never Be Like You" by Flume ft. Kai (2016: In "Never Be Like You," Flume collaborates with Kai to deliver a mesmerizing blend of electronic and pop elements.

No" by Meghan Trainor (2016: No" is a sassy and empowering pop song by Meghan Trainor, delivering catchy hooks and a strong message of self-empowerment.

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