Top 10 Prettiest Horses 

The Chocolate Silver Dapple:The Silver in this horse’s name actually describes a gene that occurs in black horses. A horse with this gene passes it along to its foal. Instead of having a black coat.

The Arabian: is a common choice for the most beautiful horse breed. arched neck, and fine bone structure. When you think of a desert horse you may even picture an Arabian horse trotting over the sand

The Haflinger:horse breed is from Austria and dates back to the 19th century. This horse has a small yet sturdy build. From the late 1800s to the early 1900s they were used as pack horses hauling .

The Knabstrupper: has a unique name to go along with its unique qualities. This is a Danish horse with a spotted white coat. Its spots can be black, brown, or gray. 

The Golden Akhal Teke:is the most beautiful horse breed. This horse is native to Turkmenistan. It earns the name Golden horse due to its shining yellowish-gold coat. 

The Appaloosa:is one of the prettiest horses in the world because of its notable markings. Appaloosas are immediately recognizable for the spots and splashes of color on their coat. 

The Andalusian:has a long history. In fact, an image of an Andalusian horse (or one that looks very similar to the breed) was discovered on the wall of a cave.

 The Marwari: is on this most beautiful horse breed list for a couple of reasons. Marwari horses have slender legs and bodies. They can have a black, black, and white, dark brown, bay.

The Sorraia Mustang:Sorraia mustangs are native to Portugal. These are rare horses as well as beautiful ones. They have a dun or light brown-gray coat. 

The Friesian:horses are tall with a large bone structure. Most Friesian horses have a black coat but can appear to be dark brown when they are going through a shedding period.

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