Top 10 Professional Photography Tips To Take Better Photos

Deep Blacks: Drop the blacks to purposefully lose detail – makes for a more dramatic image.

Frame Up and Wait: Find a great spot, frame up and …. wait for someone to walk by.

Understand story: All cities have a rich history with many stories to find. 

Shallow Depth Of Field: Use a wide aperture to create a shallow DOF to highlight something in the frame.

Achieve depth by shooting through things: Add depth to your frame by shooting through things.

Freeze using Shutter Speed: I took this image of The Water Tower, in Cardiff.

Use the Big Light in the Sky: Nine times out of ten, your travel photos will be taken using available light.

Flat / Depth: For certain shots, I have a style that I call, ‘Flat / Depth’.

Crop: Don’t be afraid to use the crop tool to get rid of anything in the frame.

Ignore the truth: Not really no – only a version of the truth.

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