Top 10 Punk MusiciansArtists We Lost In 2020

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Ric Menck (Velvet Crush: While primarily associated with power pop, Ric Menck's work with Velvet Crush encompassed elements of punk and alternative rock.

Phil May (The Pretty Things: Phil May's role as a vocalist for The Pretty Things helped shape the garage rock and proto-punk genres.

Eric Taylor (The Prodigy: As a member of The Prodigy, Eric Taylor played a role in the band's fusion of electronic music.

Pell Mell (Richard Hell and the Voidoids: Pell Mell's work with Richard Hell and the Voidoids contributed to the development of punk.

Pete Mitchell (NoMeansNo: Pete Mitchell's role as the drummer for NoMeansNo contributed to their innovative punk sound, fusing elements of hardcore, punk.

Matthew Seligman (The Soft Boys: Matthew Seligman's bass work with The Soft Boys contributed to their distinctive sound and the broader alternative music movement.

Denise Johnson (Primal Scream: Although not exclusively a punk artist, Denise Johnson's vocal contributions to Primal Scream's music influenced the band's alternative.

Chris Trousdale (Dream Street: Chris Trousdale, known for his work in the boy band Dream Street, had a punk influence in his solo music.

Pete Way (UFO, Fastway: Although known for his involvement in hard rock and metal, Pete Way's influence extended to punk, especially through his contributions to Fastway.

Steve Soto (Adolescents, Agent Orange: Steve Soto's bass playing and songwriting for bands like Adolescents and Agent Orange made him a respected figure in the punk scene.

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