Top 10 Punk Songs with a U S State in the Title

Heading 1

Ohio" by The Black Keys: Though not a traditional punk song, this bluesy garage-rock track mentions Ohio and reflects on the struggles of small-town life.

Washington Bullets" by The Clash: A politically charged song referencing Washington, D.C., and addressing global issues, like colonialism and international conflicts.

New York State Police" by Anti-Flag: A punk protest song critiquing the New York State Police's actions and their abuse of power.

Colorado" by Grinderman: Although not a traditional punk song, this gritty track alludes to Colorado while discussing wild and surreal experiences.

Georgia" by Cursive: A powerful punk-infused indie rock song that explores themes of lost love and memories associated with Georgia.

Massachusetts" by Dropkick Murphys: An energetic punk rock tribute to the band's home state, celebrating Massachusetts' spirit and culture.

California Uber Alles" by Dead Kennedys: This iconic punk anthem criticizes the political situation in California, satirizing the state's leader as a fascist dictator.

Texas is the Reason" by The Misfits: A punk classic that pays homage to the band's love for Texas and its significance in their music and lifestyle.

Pennsylvania Ave." by T.S.O.L: A punk rock commentary on political corruption and power, named after the famous street in Washington, D.C.

Florida" by Against Me: This punk rock anthem reflects on the emotional turmoil and struggles of the lead singer's life in Florida.

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