Top 10 Punk Songs with Lie Liar or Lies in The Songs Title

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Lies" by The Black Keys: While not a traditional punk band, The Black Keys' gritty sound fits this song about deception and self-deception.

Lie" by Circle Jerks: Circle Jerks' fast-paced punk anthem confronts the pervasive dishonesty and betrayal in society.

Liar" by Sex Pistols: A classic punk anthem, "Liar" embodies the band's confrontational spirit, critiquing those who manipulate and deceive.

Tell Me Lies" by FIDLAR: FIDLAR's punk-infused indie sound drives this song about untruths in relationships.

Liar" by The Exploited: This aggressive punk song by The Exploited condemns politicians and authority figures for their dishonesty.

Pretty Little Liar" by Bikini Kill: This punk feminist band delivers a sharp critique of societal expectations and the notion of perfection.

Born to Believe (A Liar's Song)" by Rise Against: Rise Against's punk energy fuels this song, tackling the themes of manipulation and blind faith.

Big Lie" by Anti-Flag: In this punk protest song, Anti-Flag denounces the misinformation spread by those in power.

Lie to Me" by The Damned: This punk rock track explores the complexities of trust and betrayal in relationships.

Lies" by The Misfits: In true horror punk fashion, The Misfits unleash a dark and macabre take on lies and deceit.

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