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Top 10 Rarest Rocks in the World

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The Golden Rock in Myanmar: Myanmar’s Golden rock can be found on a cliff 1100 meters high above the sea level. 

The Ayers Rock in Australia: Ayers Rock or Uluru is noted as Australia’s sacred rock.

The Mushroom Rocks in Egypt: This is among the rarest and most famous rocks of its kind around the world. 

The Delicate Arch in the USA: The Delicate Arch, the most popular natural arch in the world, is located at the Arches National Park in Utah.

The Pinnacles in Australia: The Pinnacles in Australia are like the James Bond Island, which is also a limestone formation.

The Perce Rock in Canada: The Perce Rock is among the largest natural arch worldwide that is situated in the water and it is one of Quebec’s foremost tourist attractions.

The Stone Tree in Bolivia: This rock formation is also considered Bolivia’s natural monument. It reaches 7 meters in height.

The Ko Tapu Island in Thailand: Ko Tapu is an astonishing limestone monolith Island, it is 20 meters in height and is found in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand.

The Wave in the USA: This remarkable sandstone is found in Arizona. Originally, it was an array of dunes.

The Split Apple Rock in New Zealand: This geological rock formation is found on the northern coast of South Island, New Zealand. 

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