Top 10 Reasons Your Cat Is Wagging Its Tail While Lying Down

Dreaming:Few things are more adorable than the sight of a sleeping cat. Research has shown that cats do enter REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the phase where dreaming is most likely to occur. 

 Afraid:When cats are startled, we often think of them arching their back and sticking their tails straight up in the air. 

In a Foul Mood:They may not want to be petted or even bothered. Attempts to cheer them up by playing could be ignored. It’s best to leave them alone until they feel like being social again.

On Guard:Even when lying down, your cat still behaves as the master of all they survey. Sometimes, their environment feels different.

Enjoying Your Attention:They’re just so cute! Since your cat is already relaxed, there’s a good chance they’ll like the unexpected interaction! 

Staying Balanced:Whether they are leaping to the highest point in the house or walking gingerly across a narrow surface area, cats use their tails to remain upright and in control of their movements. 

Marking Its Territory:Those pheromones contain molecules that carry a kind of scent information. Not only do they hold your cat’s specific scent, but they can also other cats if they are welcome or if they should stay away.

Chilling Out: That movement is usually a sign that your cat is relaxed and in a good mood. They are content and pleased to be wherever they are. 

In the Mood to Play:Your cat is lying on its stomach, a fraction of an inch away from crouching like a tiger. Its tail is wagging, sometimes smacking against the floor.

Doesn’t Feel Well:Most of the time, your cat doesn’t want to broadcast the fact that something is physically wrong with them. That is an instinctual behavior. 

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