Top 10 River of California

The Owens River:The Owens River is 183 miles long in eastern California. It starts in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in southwestern Mono County and empties into Owens Lake. 

The Pit River:The Pit Riveris the longest tributary of the Sacramento River, measuring 207 miles long. It begins in the northeastern corner of California and eventually joins the Sacramento River.

The Kern River :The Kern River is 165 miles long and passes through many beautiful canyons and rock formations.  It is a popular place for whitewater rafting, fishing, and wilderness hiking.

The Eel River:The Eel River begins on the southern flank of Bald Mountain in Mendocino National Forest. It then flows for 196 miles until  into  Pacific Ocean. There are no eels in the Eel River.

The Colorado River:The Colorado River is the longest river that passes through California. Beginning in the central Rocky Mountains in Colorado, the Colorado River flows. 

The Klamath River:The Klamath River is 257 miles long, flowing through Oregon and northern California on its way to the Pacific Ocean. It is the most important river south of the Columbia River.

The Sacramento River:The Sacramento River is the longest river that is contained entirely within the state of California. It is 400 miles long and was once called “the Nile of the West.”

The Amargosa River: The Amargosa River is unique because it flows above ground only after cloudbursts and flash floods. Most of the time the river flows underground.

The Salinas River: The Salinas Riveroriginates in the Los Machos Hills of the Los Padres National Forest. It flows for 175 miles until it eventually connects with Monterey  and the Pacific Ocean.

The San Joaquin:The San Joaquin River is 366 miles long. It begins in the high Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and eventually flowing into Suisun Bay, San Francisco Bay, and the Pacific Ocean.

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