Top 10 Scariest Airports in the World

Madeira Airport:Pilots rarely land by instrument alone; they must identify landmarks to navigate their approach. Strong gusts, tall mountains, and the ocean on the other side add to the difficulty.

McMurdo Station:The sole major airport on the continent is located at this military post, and during the winter, the area is completely dark at all hours.

Telluride Regional Airport:Southwest Colorado‘s Telluride Regional Airport is one of the world’s most terrifying airports when it comes to landing a plane. It is one of the highest airports in America at 9,070 feet.

Lukla Airport:The airport is on a mountainside and has a tiny 1,600-foot-long, one-way runway with extreme slopes and angles. The runway has a mountain wall at one end and a dramatic 2,000-foot drop into a ravine at the other.

Courchevel Altiport:The runway at Courchevel Altiport, a small airport in the French Alps, is just 1,762 feet long and has a pronounced 18.6 percent uphill grade. 

Toncontin Airport :Landing at this airport in Honduras is exceedingly difficult because of the runway’s low width and proximity to mountains. 

Gibraltar International Airport:The oddest airport in southern Europe is definitely Gibraltar International Airport, Spain. The runway isn’t difficult to land on, but an intriguing design element makes it perhaps hazardous. 

Princess Juliana International Airport:This airport of Saint Maarten is named after Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, who arrived there in 1944, the year it was opened. 

Wellington International Airport:One of the most difficult airports to land at is Wellington International Airport, in New Zealand. The runway is 6,350 feet long, and both ends seem to begin and terminate in the water. 

Paro Airport:The pilots are utterly unaware of the stunning descent to the runway as they navigate at a 45-degree angle between mountains befit’s-descending swiftly into the runway.

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