Top 10 Scariest Cats

Black-footed cat is small and one of the most aggressive cat breeds. It’s cute as heck and certainly looks like a domestic animal. 

The appearance of hairlessness distinguishes this cat. But it’s not hairless. The cat has a fine coat of thin hair. With the Sphynx, the gene that grows hair has a genetic disorder. 

Blanche appears in the 1977 cult classic Hausu and is definitely one of the scariest cats in horror cat movies. 

Lykoi, also called the Werewolf Cat, may not be on the public’s general radar, but the legend of the Lykoi is definitely a part of cat lore.

Named for the Pine Tree State, the Maine Coon is a ginormous and furry beast. Its size and thick long coat are traits that make it one of the biggest breeds in the cat world.

Athletic and agile, the Peterbald cat resembles the Sphynx but looks more like a bat. It too is a hairless breed but has large fox-like ears, a long nose, and creepy almond-shaped eyes.

Mar is a black cat and proves kitty apparitions can take scares to entirely new levels. Mar is the companion of fellow specter Toshio.

Servals are wild cats. It’s one of the most aggressive cat breeds, characterized by large ears, a small head, and a black-striped, yellow-gold spotted coat.

Bengal cats are great housemates. They’re energetic and will play from morning till night (leaving you exhausted). But the feline is also dangerous and wild, a highly intelligent, cute cat breed.

Named one of the most aggressive cat breeds in the world, this cat loses nothing to horror cat movies. Believe it or not, Geoffroy’s cat becomes a scariest cat when it’s startled by a noise.

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