Top 10 Slowest Animals

American Woodcock: this bird lives in the eastern forests of North America. Their habitats stretch from as far north as Newfoundland to as far south as the Gulf of Mexico. 

Dwarf Seahorse: lives in the sea. It is the slowest fish in the world. That is understandable, considering they only measure up to 1 inch in length and cannot compete with the bigger swimmers.

 Starfish:, members of the genus Asteroidea living in the sea, include more than 1500 species worldwide. There are many in the oceans of North America, including the Atlantic and Pacific.

Rosy Boa:Measuring between 17 and 44 inches long, these reptiles stay out of the extreme daytime sun and heat. They live in burrows and under rocks where they feed on smaller reptiles, frogs, mice.

Desert Tortoises:of North America are home to the 6th slowest animals on the continent, the desert tortoises. These reptiles live on land in Northwestern Mexico, Southern California, Nevada, Arizona.

Banana Slugs:Gastropods like the garden snail, but left more vulnerable without a shell, banana slugs are the 4th slowest animals in North America. They grow as long as 9.8 inches.

Gila Monsters: are reptiles living in the Sonoran desert of Mexico and deserts of the American Southwest. But many people do not realize that this dinosaur-like creature can live at elevations .

Manatee:Although it is not the slowest animal in the sea, the manatee ranks high on the list of slowest animals in North America. Also called a sea cow and related to the land-based elephant.

Swallowtail Butterfly:are among the most diverse families of insects with more than 560 species around the world. Many of these live in North America, including the swallowtail.

 Garden Snails:is a pest to some people and a tasty delight to others. Among all of North America’s animals, it is the 5th slowest. Although it is not native to this continent.

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