Top 10 Smallest Monkeys in the World

Common MarmosetThe common marmoset was the first New World monkey to have its entire genome sequenced. 

Squirrel MonkeyThe squirrel monkey lives in the canopies of the Central and South American forests.

 Graells’s Tamarin Its fur is long and silky and fairly uniformly colored in black or dark brown. These tamarins have claws on all of their fingers except their opposable thumb, which has a nail.

Pygmy MarmosetAt an average size of 5.1 inches and weight of 3.5 ounces, the pygmy marmoset is considered the smallest monkey in the world.

 Night Monkey is different from most other monkeys in that it is nocturnal. It’s found in savannas and wet and dry forests as high as 10,000 feet above sea level from Panama down to Argentina. 

Talapoin Monkey is one of the smallest monkeys in Africa and is found in the central-western part of the continent.

 Cotton-top TamarinIt’s found in the forests of Colombia, and since those forests are being rapidly destroyed, this little monkey is critically endangered. 

Silvery Marmoset Their ears and faces are naked, and the ears stand out. They are found in rainforests and plantations and live in small groups.

Roosmalen’s Dwarf MarmosetThis marmoset is dark brown on top with a dull yellow belly and chest. The face is bare and pink and encircled by white hair and topped with a black crown.

Dusky TitiThis monkey is only found in central Brazil around the Amazon river basin and near the source of the Orinoco River. 

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