Top 10 Smallest Snakes

Flat-headed Snake:This 7 to an 8-inch long snake is the smallest of the many snakes found in Missouri. It’s not endemic to Missouri but can also be found in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, and Mexico.

Malagasy Blind Snake:Rediscovered in 2007 after about a hundred years, this snake is only found in Madagascar and grows to around 9.8 inches long.

Barbados Thread snake:This recently discovered snake is considered the smallest snake in the world, with an adult length of about 3.94 inches and no more, as far as anyone knows, than 4.09 inches. 

Variegated Snail Eater:This snake is found in Amazonia and grows to just 3.4 to 3.59 inches in length. Slugs and snails make up a good part of its diet. 

Brahminy Blind Snake:The length of this snake can be as little as 2 inches, but  it can grow to 6 inches it’s probably only the second smallest snake in the world behind the Barbados thread snake. 

Lined Snake:This snake, which can grow from 8.66 to 15 inches long, is found in the Great Plains and has populations as far east as Illinois. There are four subspecies.

Short-headed Garter Snake: Garter snakes are found only in North to Central America, and the short-headed is one of the smaller garter snakes at around 10 inches in length. 

Texas Blind Snake:is found from southwestern Kansas and south into Mexico. As with other blind snakes it is easy to mistake this reptile which grows between 3.94 and 11 inches in length.

Ringneck Snake:Found from Canada down to central Mexico, this nocturnal snake gets its name for the band of yellow, red, or orange-yellow around its neck. 

Peters’ Thread Snake:This snake is found in southern Africa and grows to only about 7.9 to 11 inches in length. Like other thread snakes or blind snakes.

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