Top 10 Smartest Animals

Raccoons may gravitate to the garbage, but they’re also super smart. In the early 20th century, research conducted by ethologist H.B. David proved that raccoons are expert lock pickers.

When a team is comprised of 50,000 individuals working shoulder to shoulder, democratic decision making and delegation are vital. And it’s those qualities that keep honey bees alive and thriving.

Once upon a time, an octopus named Otto lived at a German aquarium. Mellow and chill, Otto wasn’t fond of the facility’s bright lights, so he took matters into his own…tentacles…and sprayed water.

A study revealed that pigeons can hold over 700 images in their heads at a time! Pigeons mate for life and usually care for two chicks at a time.

Pigs are super smart. They easily navigate mazes, understand emotions, learn sign languages, and even have best friends with whom they prefer to spend time!

Humans have a 1/40 brain-to-body-size ratio; dolphins have a 1/50 one. What does that mean? Well, it’s complicated. But for our smartest animals on Earth list, it means dolphins are wicked intelligent

Crows know physics! OK, they may not be proficient in binomial theorems, but they understand how water displacement works, which is a lot more than other animals can do!

Elephants rank among the largest terrestrial mammals, and they’re also some of the smartest animals on Earth! Famously, the pachyderms have incredible memories.

Chimpanzees are a lot like humans. They learn verbal languages, mourn the passing of loved ones, and make tools. 

We don’t mean to boast, but humans take the smartest animal cake. We have superior reasoning abilities and can manipulate environments in astounding ways.