Rarest Smelliest Animals

Striped Polecat:It looks like a skunk, lives all over Africa, hunts at night, and releases a stink leagues worse than any other animal on Earth. 

Skunk: aren’t the stinkiest animals on the planet, but they are the poster children for effluvium. Everyone is familiar with the piquant liquid fired by the black-and-white mammals.

Musk Ox:Number six out of the stinkiest animals in the world proves that one person’s oyster delicacy is another person’s death rock. 

Sea Hare:The sea hare is the tenth smelliest animal in the world. It’s Neptune’s skunk that unleashes toxic purple emissions with the power to paralyze nose nerves. 

Wolverine:have fierce reputations, but they’re actually pretty shy. Notice we said shy, not weak or fearful. In fact, the lethal fighters can take down animals five times their size. 

Stinkbird:also known as hoatzins, have cow-like, two-chamber digestive systems. These birds’ meals ferment in their stomachs. 

Big Bull Elephant: However, for a few weeks around mating season, the animal’s testosterone levels spike 60 percent, and the accompanying smell could clear a city neighborhood.

Lesser Anteater:aka southern tamanduas are funny looking and stink to high heaven.The long-nosed omnivores emit hideous odors from their anal glands, which are seven times stronger than skunk stench.

Tasmanian Devil:If you ever find yourself in Australia near a stressed-out Tasmanian devil, look for the nearest mask! The carnivorous marsupials pass a gnarly gas to detract predators.

Bombardier Beetle:Angering a bombardier beetle may result in an evil insect fart of epic proportions, making this bug number four out of the ten stinkiest animals in the world.

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