Top 10 smelliest animals

The sea hare is the tenth smelliest animal in the world. It’s Neptune’s skunk that unleashes toxic purple emissions with the power to paralyze nose nerves. 

Big bull elephants — aka African elephants — aren’t stink bombs year-round. However, for a few weeks around mating season, the animal’s testosterone levels spike 60 percent.

Musk Ox: Number six out of the stinkiest animals in the world proves that one person’s oyster delicacy is another person’s death rock.

If you ever find yourself in Australia near a stressed-out Tasmanian devil, look for the nearest mask! The carnivorous marsupials pass a gnarly gas to detract predators.

Bombardier Beetle: Angering a bombardier beetle may result in an evil insect fart of epic proportions, making this bug number four out of the ten stinkiest animals in the world. 

Skunks aren’t the stinkiest animals on the planet, but they are the poster children for effluvium. Everyone is familiar with the piquant liquid fired by the black-and-white mammals. 

Wolverines have fierce reputations, but they’re actually pretty shy. Notice we said shy, not weak or fearful. In fact, the lethal fighters can take down animals five times their size.

Stinkbirds, also known as hoatzins, have cow-like, two-chamber digestive systems. These birds’ meals ferment in their stomachs.

Lesser anteaters — aka southern tamanduas — are funny-looking and stink to high heaven. The long-nosed omnivores emit hideous odors from their anal glands.

Striped polecats’ powerful and potent secretions can temporarily blind targets and burn the eyes! Some animals mark their territory with urine.

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