Top 10 Smells That Roaches Absolutely Hate

Bay Leaves:Bay leaves work similarly to oregano. Plus, they are great for deterring other insects, like flies and moths. You can crush bay leaves and place them in problem areas or keep them out in a bowl on the counter. 

Pine:The fresh scent of pine contains beta-pinene which is known for repelling and even treating cockroaches. Now before you go placing car fresheners around your home.

Oregano:Oregano has a strong, pungent odor that cockroaches can’t stand. Since it’s a safe oil to use around the kitchen, you can spray a mixture of oregano oil and water on countertops and any nooks and crannies they like to hide.

Citrus:The strong smell of citrus in your home is pleasant to humans but not for bugs. And while lemon-scented cleaners may not be enough to keep them away.

Citronella:Citronella not only works great for repelling mosquitos but also cockroaches. While the candles don’t work well against roaches, you can use citronella oil as a deterrent. 

Garlic:Garlic has a strong smell that revolts cockroaches. If you don’t mind your house smelling of garlic 24/7, you can place whole cloves around the kitchen or sprinkle garlic powder in corners.

Chrysanthemums:These beautiful, vibrant flowers produce a smell that roaches absolutely hate. Many pesticides even contain the artificial smell of chrysanthemums to control infestations.

Lavender: The best way to utilize this scent is to plant lavender around the outside of your home, which will deter roaches and other bugs from coming near. 

 Mint:Mint, such as peppermint oil, contains a compound called menthone that can kill cockroaches. And since menthone is what gives the oil its smell, it works great as a deterrent.

 Cucumbers:Cucumbers are known repellents of roaches and other common household pests. They are the most effective when sliced or diced. 

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