Top 10 snakes in florida

Rough Green Snake:One of the most brightly colored common snakes in Florida is the rough green snake.  Rough green snakes are usually between 14 and 33 inches long and bright green.

Eastern Rat Snake:Despite also being known as yellow rat snakes, eastern rat snakes in Florida are a yellowish-orange color with four darker stripes down their bodies. 

Ring-Necked Snake:Although secretive, the ring-necked snake is one of the most abundant and common snakes in Florida.  There are twelve subspecies, of which two occur in Florida .

Corn Snake:Easily one of the most common and nonvenomous snakes in Florida is the corn snake which is found right across Florida and in the Florida Keys.  These large snakes are 30 to 48 inches.

Southern Black Racer:One of eleven subspecies of eastern racers, southern black racers are easily one of the most widespread snakes in Florida and across the Florida Keys.

Eastern Coachwhip:Despite there being six subspecies of coachwhip snakes, only the eastern coachwhip occurs in Florida.  Eastern coachwhips are long, thin snakes that can reach up to 72 inches long.

Eastern Kingsnake:Also known as the common kingsnake, eastern kingsnakes are usually between 36 and 48 inches long.  They have shiny scales and are dark brown with white crossbands down their back .

Florida Banded Water Snake:A subspecies of the banded water snake, Florida banded water snakes are endemic to Florida and southeastern Georgia. 

Florida Green Water Snake:Originally classified as a subspecies of green water snakes, Florida green water snakes are now their own individual species. 

Brown Water Snake:One of the most common species of water snakes in Florida is the brown water snake.  Brown water snakes are 30 to 60 inches long and have heavy bodies.

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