Top 10 snakes in georgia

Plain-Bellied Water Snake:Widespread across the southeastern region of the United States, plain-bellied water snakes always live near to permanent water sources. 

Northern Water Snake: which can reach almost 4.5 feet long.  Northern water snakes are typically brown with darker crossbands on their neck and blotches down their back. 

Eastern Kingsnake:are non-venomous snakes that are also popular as pets.  They are typically between 36 and 48 inches long and are known for their shiny scales. 

Eastern Garter Snake:are easy to spot with their unique striped pattern.  They are 18 to 26 inches long and are brown or greenish brown with a distinctive yellowish stripe. 

Rough Green Snake:One of the most stunning green snakes in Georgia is the rough green snake which are a vibrant green on their dorsal side with bright yellow or cream belles. 

Dekay’s Brown Snake: Dekay’s brown snakes are small snakes that are usually less than 12 inches long.  They have thin bodies and are usually brown with a lighter central stripe.

Ring-Necked Snake:Despite their secretive nature, ring-necked snakes are actually one of the most common snakes in Georgia – and one of the smallest at only 8 to 14 inches long. 

Gray Rat Snake:Also known as the chicken snake, gray rat snakes get their nickname as they sometimes kill and eat chickens.  Aside from chickens, their diet includes rodents.

Eastern Racer:are one of the most frequently seen snakes across North America.  They vary greatly in size – being between 20 and 60 inches long – and in appearance. 

Eastern Coachwhip:Another common snake in Georgia is the eastern coachwhip which is one of six subspecies of the coachwhip snake.  Eastern coachwhips are 50 to 72 inches long and have slender bodies.

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