Top 10 snakes in south carolina

Southern Black Racer: which is one of eleven subspecies of eastern racer snakes. Southern black racers are 2 to 5 feet long and are black with white chins. 

Southeastern Crown Snake:Endemic to the southeastern region of the United States, southeastern crown snakes typically live in moist woodland habitats in South Carolina. 

Eastern Coachwhip:One of six subspecies of coachwhip snakes, eastern coachwhips are widespread across South Carolina, with the exception of mountainous regions. 

Eastern Garter Snake:They live in many different habitats – including fields and swamps – and they are extremely well adapted to living in urban environments where they often inhabit parks.

Eastern Kingsnake:Also known as the common kingsnake, eastern kingsnakes are one of the most stunning and common snakes in South Carolina. They are 36 to 48 inches long .

Banded Water Snake:One of the most frequently seen water snakes in South Carolina is the banded water snake. Banded water snakes live in any freshwater habitat available, although streams, ponds.

Dekay’s Brown Snake:The final snake on the list is the Dekay’s brown snake which reaches lengths of up to 12 inches. Dekay’s brown snakes are brown with a lighter stripe down their back.

Pine Woods Snake:Another small snake is the pine woods snake which is only 10 to 13 inches long. It has a slender body and is reddish-brown.

Eastern Worm Snake:is a subspecies of the worm snake. Eastern worm snakes are 7 to 11 inches long and are completely brown with shiny scales.

Eastern Rat Snake: which is also known as the black rat snake. Eastern rat snakes are large snakes at 3 to 6 feet long and are typically black dorsally with a white throat.

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