Top 10  Snakes In Washington

Milk Snake: The coral snake is also small. These long snakes have the same color patterns as the coral snake and the California mountain king snake though. They have red or red orange wide bands .

California Mountain King Snake:They are usually only between two and two and a half feet long.They are known for their bright red or reddish orange bands which are edged with bands of black and white

Northern Black Racer Snake: are hard to miss. Even though they are extremely fast and will dart away as quickly as possible they are very long and thin so you will notice them moving. 

Western Massasauga Snake: also like forests and they like to nest in leaf litter and under branches that are close to the ground. They have a gray or olive color pattern in Washington .

Western Hog Nose Snake: is one of the most common snakes found throughout the country, including Washington. This snake’s colors change depending on their local habitat. 

Striped Whip Snake: tend to prefer dry and arid areas. In Washington they usually hang out in the Columbia Basin and Grant County. Whip snakes are thin but very long.

Northern Copperhead Snake: is easy to recognize if you see it in time. These snakes are brown or tan with very distinct markings and an even more distinct rattle. They aren’t very large.

Rubber Boa Snake: are found primarily in eastern Washington. They are only about two or two and a half feet long. But it’s the color that identifies a rubber boa snake. 

Timber Rattlesnake:are also common around Washington. They almost always live in deciduous forests, which there are plenty of in Washington. They can be almost six feet long.

Sharp Tail Snake: are easy to spot because of their coloring even though they are small. In Washington you will often find sharp tail snakes on the forest floors in the forests of the southeast part.