Top 10 snakes with neurotoxic venom

Sea Snakes:There are around 60 species of sea snakes that are very venomous. Although the neurotoxins in sea snakes are very potent, they have short fangs and do not disperse very much venom.

 Neotropical Rattlesnake:One look at these snakes and you will see the bumpy scales called “keels”. These snakes are found in South American and parts of Mexico.

Black Mamba:are known as one of the deadliest snakes in the world. Two drops of their venom can kill a grown man. The venom is also fast acting and can start to paralyze the victim in minutes.

Cobras:Snakes in the cobra family include the largest venomous snake, the king cobra. Others include a variety of spitting cobras, like the Mozambique spitting cobra. 

Tiger Rattlesnake:One look at a tiger rattlesnake and you will know how they got their name. They are tan with stripes that look like tiger stripes and the stripes go all the way around their body.

Timber Rattlesnakes:Most timber rattlesnakes have hemotoxic venom, but there are populations of timber rattlers in the southeastern United States where they have neurotoxic venom.

Bushmaster:are big snakes; they are one of the longest venomous snakes in the world. The average size is around 6 feet but some can reach 10 feet long.

Coral snakes:are one of the venomous snakes that can be found in the United States. They are a smaller snake but can pack a powerful bite with venom that is neurotoxic. 

Mojave rattlesnake:Most rattlesnakes have hemotoxic venom (attacks the blood cells, stops clotting, causes a victim to bleed too much). 

Kraits:There are 12 species of kraits including the deadly Indian krait. The Indian krait is known to sneak into people’s tents and bite them while they sleep.

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