Top 10 Somewhat Odd Things 

Heading 1

Doing Assignments Right Before They Were Due:  Either grinding out all night finishing an online assignment before midnight or doing something during class that's due next period.

Eating Lunch at 11:15 Am: This is for whatever reason how High School schedules work. You'll eat lunch after 2 classes, but in real world time it's not even 11:30 yet.

Inconvenient Technology:  First, they give you absolute trash laptops that are probably 10 years old and run incredibly slow.

Kids Bringing Fast Food to Eat:  It's not uncommon for someone to bring Chick Fil A or Chipotle to school as everyone else at the table stares in jealousy as this person brings food.

Kahoot:  This one is fun because you have to be on your toes the whole time and one wrong answer can knock you back.

The One Teacher that Completely Disregarded Bells: This is the teacher who says something along the lines of "The Bell does not dismiss you I do" it's incredibly annoying having to deal.

Playing Music During the Last Minute of Passing Period: This one is kinda hit or miss. Some schools do it, but others don't.

P.E. in the Middle of the Day: This was the absolute worst thing. Who in the right mind would work out in the middle of the day when you have other plans? Nobody right? Well.

The Girls With Short Skirts:  A lot of girls might not feel confident in longer skirts and that's ok. You do have a point, though. Why the winter.

The One Kid Who Brings Up the “15 Minute” Rule: . Honestly, it's stupid and nobody actually left but why was that a thing? It can't possibly be allowed by the school.

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