Top 10 Best Spanish-Language and Bilingual Albums

Heading 1

ElArturo, ‘Y Qué’: In a few short years, corrido tumbado stars Natanael Cano.

Amenazzy, ‘Santo Niño’: The Dominican Republic is, without a doubt.

Nicki Nicole, ‘Parte De Mí’: One of the highlights on Nicki Nicole’s versatile debut Parte De Mí is the piano-led opener.

La Santa Cecilia, ‘Quiero Verte Feliz’: The name of La Santa Cecilia’s latest album reflects the heartrending empathy coursing through eight soulful songs.

Nino Augustine, ‘Global Ninz’: Nino Augustine has never been shy about his ambitions for world domination.

Maria Isabel, ‘i hope you’re very unhappy without me’: Maria Isabel’s EP Stuck in the Sky instantly propelled her to the spotlight.

Mas Aya, ‘Máscaras’: The first track on Máscaras is called “Momento Presente.

The Marías, ‘CINEMA’: Drawing inspiration from film scores.

Ed Maverick, ‘Eduardo’: The bittersweet simplicity of “Fuentes de Ortiz,” Ed Maverick’s breakout hit from 2018.

Big Soto, ‘The Good Trip’: Part of a crop of Venezuelan rappers who have shed their predecessors.

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