Top 10 Spectacular Hot Springs in Utah

Veyo Pool Hot Springs:Veyo Resort is home to Veyo Pool Hot Springs. This family-friendly resort has a large pool full of hot spring water with natural minerals.

Saratoga Hot Springs:The best thing about the Saratoga Hot Springs is that it’s not scalding hot but a 100°F temperature. Kids and families will have a blast taking relaxing deeps.

Crystal Hot Springs: is a family-friendly spot perfect for a relaxing weekend escape. And the best part is you don’t have to leave the area when the evening comes. 

Belmont Hot Springs:RV lovers will enjoy spending time at the Belmont Hot Springs, where there’s an RV park. Drive to Garland, Utah. You won’t miss this amazing location.

Crater Hot Springs:There are many different activities to enjoy in this location. These include a relaxing soak, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. 

Monroe Hot Springs:If that sounds like a good plan, check out the Monroe Hot Springs located at the Monroe Hot Springs Resort. The Monroe Hot Springs, formerly known as Mystic Hot Springs.

Diamond Fork Hot Springs: is located outside Provo, Utah. You must travel about 30 minutes to the location to access these magnificent hot springs. These are natural hot springs full of milky blue.

Ogden Hot Springs:The area is popular with families and friends who want to enjoy the effects of hot spring waters. So, if you prefer skinny dipping, finding a more isolated location might be best.

Stinky Hot Springs:There are three tubs of hot water in this location. While these are on private property, the owner permits the public to access the pools. Get off the highway.

Baker Hot Springs:The hot water pools are at 180°F, and water bubbles from underneath to the earth’s surface. Once the water hits the surface, it travels down a trench to three concrete pools. 

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