Top 10 Spiders Crawling Around Columbus

Barn Orbweaver:The female’s body is roughly the size of a nickel up to a quarter or approximately 3/4 – 1 inch. The male is very tiny and does not look like the female, and is 1/8 inch long.

Bolas Spider :These are rare orb weavers that have large, round, irregularly shaped abdomens and small heads. They are light beige or white with brown growth-looking bumps on their back and chalky, marbling over the surface.

 Triangle Orbweaver :Triangular-shaped abdomens with a white, pink, or yellow arrowhead or triangle on their back. The rest of the spider is brownish-grey with stripes along its legs.

 Black and Yellow Garden Spider:the spider spins its intricate and large web, which it uses to catch bugs throughout the day. As evening falls, the spider eats her web and prepares to spin another one.

Zebra Jumping Spider :Black and white striped body with fuzzy pedipalps and brightly colored chelicerae. Two large forward-facing eyes

Brush Legged Wolf Spider :Furry legs, which are different than other wolf spiders, black or dark to light brown body with a beige or white colored stripe down the middle length of its body. 

 Clown-Faced Spider:There is a clown or smiley face design on their back, generally in the colors of light brown, red, and light yellow. The coloring can vary.

Bowl and Doily Spider:The spider belongs to the sheet weaver family and lies underneath its sheet-like web and waits for prey to touch the web, where it bites through and captures the insect.

 Bull-Headed Sac Spider:They look similar to the woodlouse spider but have eight eyes. They have a dark red cephalothorax and a pale cream-colored abdomen. Their body is similar in looks to a full tick.

Filmy Dome Spider: This sheet weaver constructs an upside-down bowl or dome shape with fine silk and lies in wait underneath to catch prey by biting through the webbing.

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