Top 10 Spiders in Illinois

Ridge-Faced Flower Spider:Female ridge-faced flower spiders normally measure 5 to 11 millimeters long, while males measure around 2-3 millimeters long. 

Eastern Parson Spider:Most specimens measure from 10 to 20 millimeters long, with males measuring smaller than females. They appear predominantly black or dark grey and are covered in fine hairs.

Orchard Spider: is a member of the long-jawed orb weaver family Tetragnathidae. You can find these spiders in Illinois as well as throughout the eastern United States. 

Marbled Orb Weaver:Female marbled orb weavers measure up to 18 millimeters long, while males measure about half that size at 9 millimeters long. 

Forest Wolf Spider: is a member of the wolf spider family Lycosidae. You can find these spiders in Illinois as well as throughout the rest of the United States and Canada. 

Woodlouse Spider:Female woodlouse spiders typically measure 11 to 15 millimeters, and males measure from 9 to 10 millimeters long. They possess 6 rather than 8 eyes.

Black Lace-Weaver:Female black lace weavers measure from 11 to 16 millimeters long, and males measure 8 to 10 millimeters long. Their bodies look predominantly black, but may also appear dark red .

Northern Black Widow:is a member of the cobweb spider family Theridiidae. It is one of the most venomous spiders in Illinois and is also widely distributed throughout the eastern and northern US.

Tan Jumping Spider:Female tan jumping spiders measure from 10 to 13 millimeters long and males measure around 8.5 to 9.5 millimeters in length. 

White-Banded Fishing Spider:Female white-banded fishing spiders can reach up to 23 millimeters long. Meanwhile, males can grow up to 18 millimeters in length. 

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