TOP 10 Spiders in Utah

Bowl and Doily Spider:Frontinella pyramitela, belongs to the sheet weaver family Linyphiidae. You can find these tiny spiders in Utah as well as throughout much of the United States. 

Western Spotted Orb Weaver: Neoscona oaxacensis, is a member of the orb-weaver family Araneidae. You can find it throughout the western United States, Central and South America.

Desert Recluse: is a member of the recluse spider family Sicariidae. You can find it throughout the southwestern United States and parts of Mexico. 

Carolina Wolf Spider:is better known as the Carolina wolf spider. A member of the wolf spider family Lycosidae, it’s one of the largest spiders in Utah and the largest wolf spider in North America. 

Utah Crab Spider:A member of the crab spider family Thomisidae, you can often find these spiders in Utah. That said, it has also been spotted in Canada and several surrounding states. 

Mouse Spider:is a member of the ground spider family Gnaphosidae. You can find these spiders in Utah and throughout the western United States as well as Europe. 

Hobo Spider:belongs to the funnel-web spider family Agelenidae. You can find these spiders in Utah and throughout much of North America, Central Asia, and Europe.

Red-Backed Jumping Spider:belongs to the jumping spider family Salticidae. It is one of several jumping spiders in Utah, although you can also find it throughout western North America. 

Western Black Widow:is better known as the western black widow. It belongs to the family Theridiidae and is one of the most poisonous spiders in Utah. 

False Black Widow:Steatoda grossa, belongs to the cobweb spider family Theridiidae. You may also know it by the name the cupboard spider, dark comb-footed spider, or brown house spider. 

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