Top 10 Structurally Amazing Bridges

The Hangzhou Bay Bridge: The Chinese are not new to bridge building. The Anlan Bridge, a suspension bridge first.

The Bosporus Bridge: The Bosphorus Bridge at the Nov. 5, 1973, opening ceremony by President Koroturk on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Turkish Republic.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge: Millennium Bridge at dusk, viewed from Gateshead over the River Tyne to Newcastle upon Tyne.

Millau Viaduct: Stage 18 of the 92nd Tour de France heads under the Millau Viaduct, the world's tallest vehicular bridge.

Octavio Frias de Oliveira Bridge: São Paulo, Brazil, just down the coast from Rio de Janeiro, is known for its extravagance. It's a cosmopolitan city.

St. Anthony Falls Bridge: On Aug. 1, 2007, a steel deck truss bridge carrying motorists in and out of Minneapolis collapsed into the Mississippi River during.

Strange Sounds: If the sight of a failing alternator isn't obvious enough for you (and it's totally understandable if it's not), the sound might clue you in.

Oresund Bridge: The Oresund Bridge may have been difficult to build, but the result of all that hard work was breathtakingly beautiful.

The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge: The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge may lose its title as the world's longest suspension bridge.

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel: Oneil Lewis, collects a toll from a motorist at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in Virginia Beach.

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