top 10 stunning waterfalls in yosemite

Chilnualna Falls:Since the road blocks your view of Chilnualna and the path of the water twists and bends, the entirety of the waterfall is not visible from a single spot.

Horsetail Fall:Despite only having running water for only a few months in the winter and early spring, Horsetail Fall is still well worth checking out.

Nevada Fall:Since it is fed by the Merced River, Nevada Fall is around 594 feet tall and runs all year. Because the water twists as it descends, it hits rocks and turns white as a result.

Sentinel Falls:one of the tallest waterfalls in Yosemite, cascades from Sentinel Rock on the park’s south side to Yosemite Valley below in the spring and early summer.

Ribbon Falls:With a height of over 1,600 feet, Ribbon Fall is North America’s tallest single-drop waterfall. In addition, it’s in a great spot, just west of El Capitan. 

Yosemite Falls: is America’s highest waterfall, and it is actually three waterfalls in one. Since it flows virtually all year round, it’s one of the easiest falls for people of all ages and abilitie.

 Illilouette Falls:is one of the lesser-known waterfalls in Yosemite. It is difficult to view from any vantage point within the Valley, so it is not widely accessible. 

Lehamite Falls: are a series of cascades that descend down Indian Canyon to Yosemite Valley. In some ways, it can be overshadowed by its neighboring waterfall, Yosemite Falls.

Bridalveil Fall: Although it flows rapidly in the spring, it can also be breathtaking when the wind catches the water and raises it aloft during low flow periods. 

Vernal Fall:is a 317-foot waterfall located on one of the most popular walks in the park, which contributes to the route’s name (the Mist Trail). In order to reach the falls.

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