Top 10 tallest dams

Grande Dixence Dam:Seventh on our list of tallest dams on Earth is the Grande Dixence Dam. The Grande Dixence Dam is located in Switzerland; it’s the tallest gravity dam in existence.

Enguri Dam:One of the oldest dams on our list, the Enguri dam, is the eighth tallest dam in the world. Construction began in 1961, and this concrete arch dam was completed in 1987. 

Usoi Dam:The first nine dams on our list of the tallest dams on Earth may have been impressive, but they’re nothing compared to number one on our list. 

Xiaowan Dam:The fourth tallest dam on Earth is also located in south-central China. However, the Xiaowan Dam is on the Mekong River, not the Yangtze River. 

Yusufeli Dam:The ninth tallest dam on Earth is the Yusufeli Dam in northeastern Turkey. Construction on this dam began in 2013; today, the structure is nearly complete.

Vajont Dam:The tenth tallest dam on Earth is the Vajont Dam. Located in northern Italy, this dam became operational in 1959. The Vajont Dam is 858 feet tall (261.5 mtr) and 89 feet wide at the base.

Baihetan Dam:The fifth tallest dam on Earth is also located on the Upper Yangtze River in south-central China. This is the Baihetan Dam at 948 feet (289 meters) tall.

Xiluodu Dam:is the sixth-largest dam in the world. Construction finished in 2013 at a cost of over six billion dollars. Today, it stands 937 feet (285.5 meters) tall. 

Jinping-I Dam:As of 2022, the Jinping-I Dam in China is the tallest manmade dam on Earth. This dam is an astounding 1,001 feet (305 meters) tall. It was completed in 2013 in Sichuan, China. 

Nurek Dam:Nurek Dam, also known as the Nurek Hydroelectric Station, is the third tallest dam on Earth, and the second-largest manmade dam in the world. 

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