Top 10 The Best Summer Songs of All Time

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Jonathan Richman, ‘That Summer Feeling’ (1983): On this simple, mournful song, the former Modern Lover strums a tribute.

Chicago, ‘Saturday in the Park’ (1972): The brass-powered soft-rockers pretty much perfect Seventies mellowness on this radio staple.

Nelly, ‘Hot in Herre’ (2002): Over one of the Neptunes’ signature beats, all rubbery head-nod and shoulder-shake.

The Hold Steady, ‘Constructive Summer’ (2008): We’re gonna build something this summer,” Craig Finn sings over an all-ages moshpit riff.

Jan & Dean, ‘Surf City’ (1963): A utopian vision of a city by the sea where the female-to-male population ratio is an awesome two to one.

Eric Burden and War, ‘Spill the Wine’ (1970): Even if Eric Burdon didn’t kick off with “I was once out strolling one very hot summer’s day.

The B-52s, ‘Rock Lobster’ (1978):The great Southern New Wave party band’s 1979 novelty hit was a wild.

Superchunk, ‘This Summer’ (2012): Arriving a year after these indie-rock heroes’ great 2010 comeback album.

The Drifters, ‘Under The Boardwalk’ (1964): Released in June 1964, “Under the Boardwalk” is one of the greatest teenage symphonies ever recorded.

Wilco, ‘Heavy Metal Drummer’ (2001): Combining the wistful essence of alt-country and the gummy-groove fun of hip-hop.

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