Top 10 Things in Elementary School.

Heading 1

The PE Parachute: There was nothing quite as special as walking into the gym and seeing that parachute. Something about creating a dome with it and playing games underneath it was so much fun.

Tattletales: Everyone remembers tattletales, but it's that fact you could never get away with anything, such as swearing without getting told on by the teacher.

Cubbies: I kinda remember these from preschool, but when I started kindergarten, my teachers started letting us put our backpacks over our chairs.

Recorders: We learned how to play these in music class in fourth grade. My music teacher was terrible though, so it wasn't a fun experience.

Always Walking in a Single File Line: For whatever reason, elementary school teachers decided to enforce walking in a single file line like you were military troops.

Halloween/ Valentines Parties: These were the most fun days of the year. Instead of learning stuff

Heads Up 7 Up: This game I'm pretty sure was universally played in elementary school at least in the US. It was rare to play as a way to pass time.

Scholastic Book Fairs: These would come around every so often, and when they did, man did they get you more hyped than ever to read.

Multiplication Sheets: They were all easy looking back but at the time learning facts from 0-12 could be hard.

Spelling Tests: I would usually get an A on every spelling test. I think it helps that I've pretty much always been able to read above grade level.

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