Top 10 Things Many Students Can Relate To

Heading 1

Stress:  It makes me stress when trying to get in a good area but I always get average when it's so easy.

Being tired in school: I sometimes feel tired at school. Even though I still try hard at school, I keep thinking about what time I will finally get home to relax in my free time.

Being excited for summer break: The monotony of school is prison, summer break is amazing. Gets really hard to focus at around late May.

Procrastinating: I was able to start one of my harder assignments, then I wondered what the definition of "assignment" would look like upon looking at a definition. 

Not paying attention: Often in class I just drift off into my own world instead of listening to what the teacher is saying. 

Being bored: This is easy to say Bored all the time But that is not what matters much for me in school.

Hating Back to School ads: This REALLY bothers me because it reminds me that summer break isn't that long. It's even more annoying when they show up not very long into it.

Playing flash games: I played CoolMathGames and other sites just like every certified epic gamer. For example, World's Hardest Game

Carrying heavy things:  I'm not kidding about this but my backpack got damaged one time and I'm pretty sure it's from literally holding all that crap.

Moving away from your friends: Unfortunately I'm going to move this summer and I will definitely miss some people.

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