Top 10 Things to Look for to Find Your Dream Neighborhood

Sidewalks: Sidewalks can be a good indicator that there are places like parks within walking distance.

Taxes and Other Expenses: It's easy to focus on the price of buying a home and forget about the additional expenses of living in a certain neighborhood.

Activities and Amenities: A young single person might want an active nightlife scene with bars or restaurants close by.

Convenience: How convenient your neighborhood is can affect your happiness -- and your wallet. Is there a shopping center nearby where you.

Foreclosures and For Rent Signs: Certainly you've heard the term "buyer's market." It's a real estate term that's an indicator that home values have dropped.

Future Plans: Living in the here and now may be a good outlook on life, but it's not necessarily to best way to find.

Annoying Sounds and Smells: One reason it's extremely important to visit a neighborhood at several different times of the day before making a decision.

Low Crime Rate: Finding out how your new neighborhood's crime rate stacks up against your current one or others in the area is a fairly easy task.

Good Schools: Good schools should be a priority on anyone's list.

Culture: Make sure you find the right neighborhood culture first, and let the other pieces fall into place.

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