Top 10 Tips To Help You Get Great Photos In Bad Weather

Go crazy with Contrast, Shadows and Highlights: when you edit the photos! This is another way to make the photo truly standout.

Fame as much as possible: With landscapes, try to get as much into the frame as possible.

Cool down the edit: When editing, also remember to lower the temperature setting.

Get out there and have an adventure: You’ll never know what amazing photos you could take in bad weather if you never try.

Lean into it: Seek out the grey clouds. Capture the rain. 

Head indoors: Rain outside is definitely a legit reason for you to spend more exploring time in climate.

Play around with the ‘Clarity tool: (or its equivalent) when you edit the photo to bring out the dramatic details.

Do NOT use your flash to compensate: It’ll just end up leaving the photo looking unnatural. 

Look our for reflections: The rain brings the water (i.e. your natural photography mirror ).

Check the weather: his is a bit of a pre-emptive one but do check the weather before you head out.

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