Top 10 Types of Black and Yellow Caterpillar

Catalpa Sphinx:This caterpillar is jet black with yellow stripes running down both sides of its body. These stripes are typically wide and broken up by dots of black.

Brown-Hooded Owlet:This caterpillar is quite colorful. It has yellow stripes across both sides of its body and horizontal red lines near its bottom. It is shiny black across the top, with some black markings within the yellow stripes.

Yellow Spotted Tussock Moth Caterpillar:This brightly colored caterpillar is often described as looking like a bumblebee. They’re black on either end with a wide yellow band across their midsection.

Queen Caterpillar:The Queen Caterpillar looks similar to the monarch. It has white and black stripes. However, in between sets of these stripes, it has yellow dots.

Yellow and Black Cinnabar Caterpillar:This glossy caterpillar has brightly colored yellow and black stripes. It is poisonous, so the stripes warn potential predators not to eat the caterpillar. 

Yellownecked Caterpillar:The yellownecked caterpillar is mostly black with thin white stripes running down its body. It has a yellow neck, where it got its name.

Black and Yellow Zebra Caterpillar:This caterpillar looks very similar to the others we’ve already mentioned. It has black and white stripes across its body with an orange head and hind end. 

Black Swallowtail Caterpillar:The younger caterpillars may not have the yellow or black markings, though. Instead, they often have a white band across the middle. This caterpillar changes its appearance as it matures.

Six-Spot Burnet Caterpillar:They’re fat and yellow with black spots in a line across its body. You’ll also notice tiny pieces of hair across much of its body, though it isn’t exactly “furry.”

Monarch Caterpillar:The monarch caterpillar features stripes of yellow, white, and black. They’re long and wide and often described as “fat.” They can reach up to 1.7″ long – making them extremely long for a caterpillar. 

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