Top 10 Types Of Blue Birds In Colorado

 Blue Jay: is a large songbird commonly spotted throughout the United States, living year-round in the country’s eastern half. These birds are famous for being noisy and intelligent .

Blue Grosbeak:are large, vibrant birds widespread across the southern United States. They breed in the states and winter in Mexico and Central America.

Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher:This tiny passerine is known for its hopping foraging style and soft calls. Blue-gray gnatcatchers breed in the eastern and southwestern United States and winter in Mexico.

Western Bluebird: is a brilliant blue passerine with a quiet disposition. They live on the west side of the United States, breeding in central Colorado and living year-round in southwestern regions.

Barn Swallow:are swift and graceful birds with an extensive range across North America. They breed all over Canada, the United States, and Mexico, and winter in Central America.

Woodhouses’s Scrub Jay:The Woodhouse’s scrub jay is often referred to as the “blue jay” out west. This corvid lives year-round in the southwestern United States and central Mexico.

Indigo Bunting:These all-blue birds are cheery and colorful buntings who spend their summers across the United States and winters in Mexico and Central America. 

Black-Throated Blue Warbler:This warbler species have unique plumage and sing a relaxed tune during summer. They are native to the Americas, breeding in the eastern United States and Canada .

Purple Martin: is a large swallow native to North and South America. It breeds in the eastern half of the United States, migrates through Mexico and Central America.

Belted Kingfisher: are energetic long-commuters that live throughout most of the United States year-round. Populations that breed in Canada often migrate to the southern United States and Mexico. 

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