Top 10 Types of Butterfly

Monarch: butterflies call home sections of Central, North, and South America. You’ll also find them roaming regions of Western Europe, Australia, and India. 

Swallowtail:Large and colorful, the swallowtail comes in over 500 varieties. The swallowtail butterfly has a bizarre wingspan of 0.3 to 3.5 inches. Belonging to the Papilionidae family.

Brush-footed: is also called the four-footed butterfly because this species only uses four legs for walking. (The other two legs curl.) They’re part of the Nymphalidae family. 

Small Copper:They hold a wingspan of 1.25 inches to 1.4 inches. The upper wing side is a shiny yellow with black blotches and dark brown margins.

Creamy Marblewing:population spans much of southern Alaska to northern New Mexico. In between, you’ll find these insects in California, Arizona, Minnesota, and Idaho. 

Sleepy Orange:The underside colors vary based on the seasons. wings will be a sharp yellow with red highlights. In colder seasons, the wings keep a brown shade with comparatively heavier markings.

Red Admiral: is a distinctive butterfly found in Britain and Ireland. They belong to the Nymphalids family and are considered medium-sized creatures. They work with a wing size of 2.6 inc to 2.8 inc.

Blue Morpho:the tropical areas of Latin America, the blue morpho is a striking thing of beauty. With a lifespan of only 115 days, they live out their lives finding and eating desired fruit.

American Snout: is a member of the Libytheinae sub-family which belongs to the Nymphalidae family — or the brush-footed butterfly class. The snout butterfly spends a lot of time in the North America.

Karner Blue:Once upon a time, these creatures boasted a huge population along Iupine’s northern edge, extending from eastern Minnesota to southern Maine. 

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