Top 10 Types of Cherry Tomatoes

Sunpeach Tomatoes:This fast-growing pink cherry tomato is disease resistant and produces large amounts of fruit in the growing season. Sunpeach tomatoes have a firm texture.

 Power Pops Tomatoes:Power pops are a hybrid cultivar that grows 9-12 inches high, and the fruit will ripen in as little as 45 days. As a result, if you have short summers, you can still reap great.

Sungold Tomatoes:This is a tasty cherry tomato! Sungold tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum) are sweet, low-acidic cherry tomatoes that can grow 6-10 feet tall when mature.

Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomatoes:There is no better way to add sweetness and color to your salad! Matt’s wild cherry tomato is deep red with a smooth texture. The vines grow 4-8 feet long.

Black Cherry Tomatoes:Black cherry tomatoes have a rich, sweet flavor, dark purple color, and round shape. They are little bite-size tomatoes, and their skin has a dark color.

 Tiny Tim Cherry Tomatoes:Tiny Tim tomatoes have bright red fruits that you can harvest in a few short months of planting. Grow these mini cherry tomatoes on your windowsill.

 Midnight Snack Cherry Tomatoes:is a go-to for adding color and taste to your garden. Midnight snack tomatoes are red when ripe but have a black or purple overlay – especially .

Sweet Million Tomatoes:Sweet Million tomatoes taste very sweet and low in acid, making them perfect for fruit or vegetable salads. The fruits grow in clusters, with a few dozen in each cluster.

 Yellow Pear Tomatoes:This pear-shaped heirloom will make the perfect addition to your garden. The yellow pear tomato consists of bright yellow tomatoes that grow 1-2 inches long when ripe.

 Supersweet 100 Tomatoes:This delicious tomato cultivar can hold 100 tomatoes on each plant. However, if you take good care of them during the growing season, you can see around 500 cherry tomatoes.

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