Top 10 types of heeler dogs

Old English Sheepdog: is an expert heeler. The Old English sheepdog, as the name implies, was a go-to for herders that needed to keep their sheep moving and organized.

Border Collie:In the world of herding, the Border Collie has no challengers. Few heeler breeds have an edge over the determination, skill, and stamina of this doggy.

Australian Shepherd: have a Down Under reference, the Australian Shepherd is all American. Borne out of California, the Aussie Shepherd is a strong doggy and the top choice when a cowboy .

Cardigan Welsh Corgi: is perfectly built as a family of herding dogs. The animal has a gentle, loving temperament and is quick to take charge.

Australian Cattle Dog:Muscular and compact, the Australian Cattle Dog breeding centered around herding. They’re resilient and hardy animals that easily adapt to the harsh Aussie outback.

Bearded Collie:Boisterous and clever, the Bearded Collie is a heeler bursting with personality. They’re recognizable by their long ears and shaggy coat.

 Finnish Lapphund:has a sturdy, muscular body and a thick coat that protects the dog from the cold. They attach to owners and remain fiercely loyal while they prefer to mind their distance.

Belgian Malinois:The dogs form strong bonds with owners and, in turn, cannot be left alone for long periods. The dog is happiest with human companionship and running in open fields.

German Shepherd: is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable and popular dogs in the world. Initially bred for herding and still performing that duty today the German Shepherd’s reputation in America

Bergamasco Sheepdog: have that dreadlocked, casual coat of hair, the Bergamasco Sheepdog. This is a devoted worker. A dog that’s always anxious to please others. That’s what makes them ideal heelers.

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